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Villiers was started by John Marston & Son of Sunbeam in 1898, in Villiers Street, Wolverhampton, as a component manufacturer for Sunbeam motorcycles

In 1902 it developed and patented the cycle free-wheel, which every cycle manufacturer required. The production of free wheels reached its peak just after World War II, as the company produced 80,000 per week or 4 million per year.

Their first engine was built in 1911, but sales were slow until the first 269cc two-strokes engines were built in 1913

Villiers manufactured a range of single and twin two-stroke engines (from 98 cc to 350 cc) for many light motorcycle manufacturers until the 1960s

1965 The company was taken over by Manganese Bronze.

In 1966 the company became part of Norton Villiers. At this point, Villiers stopped supplying engines to outside companies. Production of the Villiers engine closed in the UK, but continued in Madras, India.

Bearing Applications

Bearing Applications on Villiers Motorcycles


Royal Enfield Bullet

1938 AutoByke with Villiers 98cc engine

When you need to replace the bearings on your Villiers-engined Motorcycle, no matter how old, try us - we can help. We carry extensive stock and can source world-wide, allowing us to provide bearings for rare models like those listed below:

Bearings supplied for all Villiers Engine Models, including:

  • Aberdale
  • Ambassador
  • Francis-Burnett
  • Greeves
  • James
  • Mercury
  • Norman
  • Panther
  • Revere
  • Scorpion
  • Sprite
  • Starlett
  • Sun
  • Tandon
  • 1937 Red Hunter

    1943 Powerbike with Villiers 98cc engine

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